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Personalized Pathways, a sequence of interconnected courses and experiences driven by the student and their academic and career plan, connect strong academics with authentic experiences. It is an approach that helps all students perform at higher levels.

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(for the 2018-19 school year)

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We are excited about this opportunity, which will expose high school students to a broad range of college, career and community opportunities. It’s also an opportunity for the community to connect with students and support them as they apply the skills they learn. By tapping into students’ interests, Personalized Pathways will increase the relevancy of the high school experience for all students and better prepare them for college, career and community.

All Madison high schools will be introducing the first Personalized Pathway, Health Services, during the 2017-18 school year. 

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Memorial High School's theme is Health and Wellness

Our Vision

Memorial High School Health and Wellness Pathway students are prepared to engage in health science careers and promote a healthy self and community. They have the knowledge and skills to be curious and creative problem-solvers.  

Through effective communication, collaboration, resilience, and cultural competence, they will be vital assets to their community and successful in their academic, career, and life goals.

Our Mission

Cultivate a rich learning environment where students explore who they are and what they want to do through the context of health science professions.  

  • Learning at school through a rigorous curriculum with a health and wellness theme; authentic, hands-on, and collaborative projects; extracurricular activities;  a small learning community of peers with similar interests.

  • Real-world learning experiences such as job shadows, volunteering, research, internships, and activities within the community.

  • Opportunities to make plans and to explore what happens after high school.

Learning Outcomes


Students will analyze how their own beliefs and sense of self can strengthen their plan for a successful future, including contributions to the health and wellness of their community.


Using self knowledge and support from school and community resources, students will reflect on their own personal health to develop a wellness plan that is lifelong and adapts to life circumstances.

Interpersonal Skills:

To improve the health and wellness of the community, students will effectively and empathetically interact with others. They will utilize technology and communicate information, findings, and supporting evidence orally, in writing, and through media.

Growth Mindset:

Students will regularly reflect on their performance and adjust for future success.  They will understand that within the field of health and wellness, challenges are learning opportunities, and that with effort and determination, they will make progress toward their emerging academic and personal goals.

Cultural Competence/Community Connection:

Students will provide the community with ideas, experiences, and perspectives that promote health and wellness, advocating for multiple perspectives within their diverse cultural community.

Program of Study

The Program of Study is coming soon for our Health and Wellness Pathway, offering a sequence of rigorous, interconnected courses throughout a Pathways student's high school experience. 

Learn more

Visit the district Personalized Pathways page, come to an upcoming informational session at your middle school, or contact the Memorial High School Pathway Learning Coordinator, Heather Lott