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What will I experience in the Health Services Pathway at La Follette?

Opportunities to meet a wide range of community members: not just people in the medical professions, but elected officials, activists, and innovators all working to help Madison thrive


Adults who want to hear your ideas: sharing your thoughts with authentic audiences is a key part of our integrated projects. For example, students from La Follette led a session about a Pathway project at this professional conference.


Collaboration skills that will help you in school and beyond: community partners help us explore how teamwork is essential for success


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Program Vision, Mission and Goals

Below are the vision, mission and learning outcomes of the Health Services Pathway at La Follette High School.

I was super impressed with their level of engagement. They asked great questions about our roles and background and at my table had some awesome questions. It was very energizing for me to see their minds working and to get a peek into the lives of 9th graders!

--Pathway Guest Speaker from Summit Credit Union

Our Vision

Our students are empathetic and innovative problem-solvers, working together to improve the health and wellness of our community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Health Services Pathway is to use the strength of our community’s diverse experiences to help students tackle real-world health and wellness problems. Lancers will build relationships in learning communities, participate in integrated, project-based learning, and connect school and community experiences. Through rigorous academics, site visits, and work-based experiences, students will be prepared to lead in college, career, and community.

Learning Outcomes

Health Services Pathway Graduates . . .

  • Master critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and understand diverse perspectives within a rigorous, relevant, well-rounded curriculum
  • Integrate their learning and collaborate, advocate, and lead through work-based learning experiences
  • Reflect on their personal health to develop a lifelong wellness plan that adapts to life circumstances
  • Develop and refine post-high-school plans that build on personal interests and strengths and include specific action steps
  • Identify a health and wellness priority for the community, develop a culturally-responsive action plan that addresses barriers and optimizes wellness, and advocate for the plan with community members

Program of Study

Here is the Program of Study for our Health Services Pathway, offering a sequence of rigorous, interconnected courses throughout a Pathways student's high school experience.

Learn more

Visit the district Personalized Pathways page, browse our Pathways Frequently Asked Questions, come to an upcoming informational session at your middle school, or contact the La Follette High School Pathway Learning Coordinator, Kris Howard